New: Tinwatchman D&D 4e Starting Character Generator

And once again, I find myself apologizing for the long break. Sorry, everyone. I’m sure that you’ve all been distracted by the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons that came out this summer…

… as, err, truth be told, have I.

Well, at least I finally have something to share with you, even if it isn’t AFF-related. I’m happy to announce that the Tinwatchman D&D 4e Starting Character Generator, a free utility for generating first-level characters in the new system, is now online and available for public access. I hope that you all find it as useful as I have.

Well. Now that that’s finished… back to work on the setting, perhaps?

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d20 Poison Sheets

So Google tells me that, for whatever reason, people have been searching around for d20 poison sheets. Well, ask, Internets, and you shall receive, I guess…

d20 Poison Sheets - Click Here to Download Free Image

These are small, coupon-sized handouts that can be clipped and handed out to unfortunate players; thus, no more scrambling to look up save DCs. Might be useful to have these on hand when using the poisonthrower described in the Player’s Instruction Manual.

All content taken from the Hypertext d20 SRD. Requires the use of a Roleplaying Game Core Book published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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Website Update: Subscribe Button Added

Quick update on the website – given my somewhat variable progress on the project thislast month, I’ve decided to add a Subscription widget to the blog. It’s right under the Download links in the right-hand sidebar. Just put in your email address, click “Send,” and the blog will send an email to that address whenever I update here. If you wish to de-subscribe later, you can either: (A) enter your address into the widget again, click on “Unsubscribe” and click “Send”; this should automatically delete your address from the database; or (B) failing that, email me at and I’ll delete your address out of the database myself.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. I should have more stuff up soon.

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Bonus Content: Chocobo

I originally figured I would save this for the GMIM. Since that’s taking me quite a bit longer than I thought, I’m proud to present, at long last, by popular demand…

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Work in Progress: The Lord and Lady Tavern

Sorry for the long hiatus, everyone. But the Project is back.

The Lord and Lady Tavern - the A Final Fantasy Project - Rough Draft

Map of the Lord and Lady Tavern in Potos that I created for the GMIM. Trying to figure out how to give things texture in Illustrator; did the best I could with gradients here, but it still seems a little too basic. Suggestions and comments appreciated.

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Sprite Counters and Tokens

What choo lookin at, smallfry

From frankthedm over at the ENWorld forums comes a highly useful-looking collection of sprite counters and tokens, perfect for anyone running an AFF or Final Fantasy-related campaign… or for anyone who doesn’t want to spring for a Purple Worm mini. To find the stash, click here and scroll down the thread. Thanks again, Frank!

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Bonus Content: AFF World Map

I had to do a certain amount of squeezing and stretching to fit the World Map into the template for page 39 of the PIM. If you want to see the non-squeezed world map – or wanted a printable copy without the sidebar and page number – today’s your lucky day:

Graphic is based on the world map for Secret of Mana, published by Squaresoft, Inc. Secret of Mana and all related properties are © Square-Enix Company, Limited.

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Bonus Content: Combined Racial Statistics

Way back during the original AFF campaign, one of the things that I heard from my players is that the racial statistics in the Player’s Instruction Manual were a bit difficult to understand. I wrote myself a mental note at the time to just bite the bullet and put down all of the racial statistics, even the stuff in the d20 SRD, when it came time to rewrite that chapter. Naturally, I forgot completely about it until I’d already finished the layout for Chapter 2. Oops.

So, just to head off any confusion there might be on this issue, here are all of the racial stats for “A Final Fantasy” in one place (original text courtesy of the good people at the Hypertext d20 SRD):

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Player’s Instruction Manual released!

I’m proud to report that the Player’s Instruction Manual has been released for public download on My thanks once again to everyone who helped me with this project.

To download the Player’s Instruction Manual for free, click here.

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