About the Project

When the Sword of Creation is found…

… the world will die.

Long ago, the three gods who created the world warred amongst themselves, and then departed forever. They left behind their servants, the godlings called the Aeons, to rebuild their shattered creation. A thousand years have passed. The brutal Empire, wielding fearsome new technologies, has declared war on the Aeons and their allies. At the center of the conflict is a mysterious artifact called the Masamune, said to have the power to change – or destroy – the world. Now, the only ones who can save the entire earth from the deadly mistakes of those in power… are you and your friends.

Hello. Welcome to the word of “A Final Fantasy.” This free campaign setting for the d20 System is my personal homage to the award-winning video games Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI. Rather than making a straight adaptation of either title, I’m instead trying to recapture the innovative, anything-goes creative spirit of the early Squaresoft games. The result (I hope) is a blend of Mana, Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons and other sources into something that feels both unique and yet completely familiar.

Welcome to the end of a world. Hope you have fun!

“A Final Fantasy” is available for free download. Download the Player’s Instruction Manual now!