New: Tinwatchman D&D 4e Starting Character Generator

And once again, I find myself apologizing for the long break. Sorry, everyone. I’m sure that you’ve all been distracted by the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons that came out this summer…

… as, err, truth be told, have I.

Well, at least I finally have something to share with you, even if it isn’t AFF-related. I’m happy to announce that the Tinwatchman D&D 4e Starting Character Generator, a free utility for generating first-level characters in the new system, is now online and available for public access. I hope that you all find it as useful as I have.

Well. Now that that’s finished… back to work on the setting, perhaps?

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4 Responses to “New: Tinwatchman D&D 4e Starting Character Generator”

  1. Ritual caster feat not automatic for wizards!

  2. 4e Character Generator claims that my browser (Safari) isn’t marked as running JS 1.7 yet quick google show that it does — at least according to Wikipedia.

    What gives?

    Yes, I have — and like — Firefox but, no, I’d rather not use it because I have more than enough applications running at the same time, thank you very much. :-)

  3. Joe - I honestly don’t know what to tell you regarding Safari. My own tests on both PC and Mac didn’t produce anything like that. My only thought is to check whether or not you’re updated to the latest version of Safari. Failing that, I’m honestly not sure what’s going on. Any chance you’d mind sending a screenshot of the error to I’d very much appreciate it.

    Quinn - The Ritual Caster feat is listed under the Wizard’s Class Abilities.

    Sorry that it took me so long to get back to the both of you - it honestly never occurred to me that someone might try contacting me about this project through this blog, so I haven’t been keeping track of it as well as I should. :) Happy New Year!

  4. Is there any chance you’ll add the newer races and classes? Like Eladrin, Thri-kreen, pixie, shardmind, mul, drow, dwarf, changeling, bladeling, etc? And Classes like Warlock, Battlemind, Vampire, etc. And what about newer Features? Like “Versatile Duelist” for the Rogue?

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