Bonus Content: AFF World Map

I had to do a certain amount of squeezing and stretching to fit the World Map into the template for page 39 of the PIM. If you want to see the non-squeezed world map – or wanted a printable copy without the sidebar and page number – today’s your lucky day:

Graphic is based on the world map for Secret of Mana, published by Squaresoft, Inc. Secret of Mana and all related properties are © Square-Enix Company, Limited.

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2 Responses to “Bonus Content: AFF World Map”

  1. Can We get a Key for this map perhaps?

  2. Er, up is north, right is east, left is west, down is south. Light green represents plains and grasslands, dark green is forest, grey is mountains, yellow is desert, white and light blue are frozen tundra. That’s really about it.

    (Sorry. I just figured it was self-explanatory, the way most of the world maps in the Squaresoft games were.)

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