A Final Fantasy Player’s Instruction Manual

Saturday, June 6th, 2009, 2:56 PM

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When the Sword of Creation is found… the world will die.

Long ago, the three gods who created the world warred amongst themselves, and then departed forever. They left behind their servants, the godlings called the Aeons, to rebuild their shattered creation. A thousand years have passed. The brutal Empire, wielding fearsome new technologies, has declared war on the Aeons and their allies. At the center of the conflict is a mysterious artifact called the Masamune, said to have the power to change – or destroy – the world. Now, the only ones who can save the entire earth from the deadly mistakes of those in power… are you and your friends.

Based on the classic video games created by Squaresoft, Inc., “A Final Fantasy” is a free, fan-produced tabletop roleplaying campaign setting for the d20 System. The Player’s Instruction Manual contains everything a player needs to know to seek epic adventure in the mysterious, funny and tragic realm of In-World.

  • Recaptures the spirit of such games as Secret of Mana (aka Seiken Densetsu 2) and Final Fantasy VI.
  • All game material released under the Creative Commons license.
  • Involves players in an epic, genre-spanning storyline, with the fate of an entire world at stake
  • Dozens of new weapons, armor and magic items that can be used in any d20 system-based game
  • Did we mention that it’s free yet? We meant to.

The “A Final Fantasy” Player’s Instruction Manual is now available for free download at Lulu.com: click here to download.

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